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What is a Face lift?

The facelift, also known as cervicofacial rhytidectomy may enhance your youthful appearance by tightening and smoothing facial skin and by lessening the appearance of jowls. The skin of your neck and jaw line will be tightened, restoring your youthful neck contour. Additionally, fullness in your neck can be sculpted away and the bands of loose skin smoothed. Deeper layers of tissue are often tightened, not only to increase initial improvement but to improve the longevity of your results. As with the brow lift, the facelift is uniquely adapted for you (because not everyone is the same) – so that you can have a beautiful, natural, youthful appearance. The neck lift is most commonly performed in conjunction with a facelift. However, if you do not need or want a full facelift, other options are sometimes available to improve your neck contour. These can include limited incision Neck lift, liposuction, laser treatment or even direct excision of excess skin. When you consult with Dr. Karen Soika, you can be sure that she will inform you of your options and guide you toward the treatment that is best for you.

Full faceliftCandidates

Facelift surgery can be an effective way to improve appearance and boost self-confidence, but it is not for everyone. Some patients might find that they can achieve their cosmetic goals with a non-invasive procedure, such as a chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Others may be happier with their results if they combine facelift surgery with other procedures, such as a neck lift. Patients who understand both the possibilities and limitations of facelift surgery tend to be more pleased with their results.

Am I a good candidate for Facelift surgery?

The best facelift candidates have realistic expectations and are willing and able to follow the pre- and post-operative instructions provided by their plastic surgeons. After a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Karen Soika can advise a patient as to whether he or she is a good candidate for a facelift, or whether an alternate procedure might be preferable.

Ideal candidates for facelift surgery share certain important traits. The following is a list of factors that can affect whether or not an individual is a good candidate for facelift surgery:

  • Skin elasticity: A good facelift candidate will have skin that retains some of its natural suppleness and flexibility. This is important because, during the procedure, the surgeon tightens the facial skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Successful healing with optimal results depends on having skin that is able to conform to its new, improved contours
  • Strong bone structure: Ideally, a facelift candidate will have a well-defined underlying bone structure to provide support and contribute to satisfying results. Patients with less distinct features may benefit from facial implants as an alternative or addition to a facelift
  • Realistic expectations: A candidate should understand not only what facelifts can accomplish, but also the limitations of facial plastic surgery procedures. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon can help a patient obtain the information needed to make the right decision about surgery
  • Good overall health: A good facelift candidate will be generally healthy and will inform his or her surgeon of any preexisting medical conditions well in advance. A facelift is an invasive procedure that requires significant healing and recovery, so it is essential that the patient be physically prepared for surgery
  • Loose skin on the face or neck: Facelift candidates typically want to remove excess skin from the face or neck, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles simultaneously. The surgeon trims the loose skin during the procedure

Is it worth it?

A facelift aims to create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

The procedure:

  • Removes and tightens sagging skin
  • Reduces the droop of the cheeks around the jaw line
  • Lifts the corners of the mouth
  • Reduces the creases between the cheeks and the lips

A facelift can be a wonderful opportunity to combat the ravages of age and help bring self-confidence and happiness. Dr. Karen Soika and her warm, caring staff are ready to help you in your decision.

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  • Karen M. Soika, MD

    Dr. Soika is a highly competent and compassionate cosmetic surgeon. She did an eye lift for me and I am absolutely thrilled and satisfied with the results. She is masterful at her work and takes extra care to ensure proper follow up and recovery is accomplished.

    Self-verified patient · Eye Lift
  • Mini Facelift

    I suffered deep thermal burns to my face caused by the incompetence of a Dermatologist for 1 year with no relief, until I met Dr. Soika. She administered a treatment to give me the relief I was looking for. She was the only Dr.who took the time to listen, diagnose and performed a procedure with great results! Because of her, I am on the road to recovery!

    Self-verified patient
  • Dermal Filler

    My sons wedding was coming and I wanted to look and feel my best, I called Dr. Soika because I saw her local Ad. It was the best call I made! My skin looks 7 years younger-tighter, and I look for rested and awake. I didn’t believe it was possible without surgery, but Dr. Soika did an incredible procedure in 1 1/2 hours with no down time.

    A. McCabe · Thermage-Skin Tightening

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