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What is a Nonsurgical rhinoplasty?

Your nose is the center of your face, so what if you feel like it’s just not you? A nonsurgical nose job can change the shape of your nose by adding volume with injectable fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, or Voluma. There’s no downtime with a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, and it’s very quick, about 5-10 minutes. It’s also relatively comfortable. Also known as: Liquid nose job.

nonsurgical rhinoplastyIs a Nonsurgical nose job right for me?

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty can be a good choice if you’d like to:

  • camouflage small humps
  • raise a flat bridge, fill indents
  • make your nose more symmetrical
  • try a temporary change without the cost and downtime of surgery

If you feel like your nose is too large or you have a large hump, drooping nasal tip, or difficulty breathing through your nose, a traditional nose job (rhinoplasty) will likely be the better option for you.

What should I expect during a Nonsurgical nose job?

A nonsurgical nose job is typically done with topical anesthesia. Dr. Karen Soika will select the right filler for your goals and inject it into the bridge, tip, or other areas of your nose to add volume.

Your results should be visible immediately after your treatment, and you may have a small bruise that you can cover with makeup. It’s quick enough to be done over your lunch break, and you can typically return to work without any evidence of the procedure.

Several weeks after your treatment, you may have a follow-up visit to review your before-and-after photos and see if your goals were reached.

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